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'Be Not Deceived' Named 'Best Christian Study of the Year'

'Be Not Deceived' Named 'Best Christian Study of the Year'

MEDIA ADVISORY, March 3 /Christian Newswire/ -- Ed Mrkvicka's newest book, "Be Not Deceived," a book devoted to helping those who have lost their salvation to the deceptions of the modern world, has been named "Best Christian Study of the Year" by Christian Story Teller.com. Previously "Be Not Deceived" was 2007 Books-And- Authors Best Christian Book of the Year and was awarded the prestigious Faith Writers Seal of Approval as an "Outstanding Read," as well as being recognized as an award-winning finalist in this year's National Best Book Awards in the category of Christian Inspiration.

In addition, "Be Not Deceived" has received nothing but accolades from reviewers. For example, the premier literary review service KIRKUS said, "Mrkvicka argues that over the past 50 years, Christianity in America has trended toward a theology of 'once-saved- always-saved,' relegating Bible-based social views and lifestyles to the realm of 'legalism.'" "He presents the scenario as a black-and-white contrast between true salvation through following the precepts of God provided by the Scriptures, and a false sense of salvation caused by rationalizing sinful actions. The book is well-written...engaging...thought-provoking."

The reviewer for Faith Writers said, "Although this is well written and easy to understand, I do not consider it light reading. This is a hi-liter and pen-in-hand kind of study. No matter on which side of salvation theology you stand, I highly recommend this book as part of any seeking, thinking Christian's library."

Mrkvicka, a nationally recognized expert in the field of banking, the stock market, and personal finance, is the author of 8 published books on finance and the banking expert for Boardroom Reports. More importantly, as it pertains to "Be Not Deceived," he is a life-long Bible student and lay minister.

Mrkvicka, who wrote "Be Not Deceived" with the editing help of his daughter Kelly, stated, "Receiving national recognition for 'Be Not Deceived' is, of course gratifying. As have been the numerous best-possible reviews the book has received. Having said that, the value of the recognition is the hope that it will bring the book to the attention of millions of lost souls who have never truly been saved or who have given away God's unmerited gift of salvation because they believed the lie that we can sin without consequence, when we cannot. Most importantly, if the reader has been deceived, 'Be Not Deceived' will help them reclaim God's gift of everlasting life."


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