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70 House Church Leader Detained in Schangiu City, Henan Province, 3 Minors Detained

70 House Church Leaders Detained in Shangqiu City, Henan Province; 3 Minors Detained in Xinyuan County, Xinjiang Province

MEDIA ADVISORY, March 3 /Christian Newswire/ -- China Aid Association (CAA) has learned that at 12am in the morning of February 18, 2008, a Bible training held in the house of brother Xue Weimin was attacked by more than 20 policemen. 250 believers were present in the training. 80 believers were taken by more than 10 police vehicles and detained. 10 were released later. The other 70 are still detained under the charges of "making use of a cult to violate law enforcement." 20 of them are detained in a detention center, while 50 are detained in prison (39 sisters and 11 brothers). All blankets, foods, air conditioners and furniture were confiscated by the police without necessary documentation.

CAA has also learned that 3 minors whom were released on 29th from Huocheng County, Xinjiang Province were detained again by PSB of another county - Xinyuan County, Xinjiang Province. They will serve 15 days of detention in Xinyuan house of detention.

Issued by CAA March 3, 2008


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