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Gospel Music Channel Launches New Online Destination for Fans of Gospel/Christian Music

Gospel Music Channel Launches New Online Destination for Fans of Gospel/Christian Music

New Interactive Web Site to Feature Music Downloads, CD & Concert Ticket Sales, News and Profiles of Gospel Stars, Artist Blogs, CD Reviews and Previews, an Online Community and More

ATLANTA, Feb. 11 /Christian Newswire/ -- Gospel Music Channel (GMC), the nation's first and only 24/7 all Gospel/Christian music television network, today unveils the Web's new central hub for anything and everything related to Gospel/Christian music. Launching today with a week of special features, the new www.gospelmusicchannel.com is set to become the number one online destination for Gospel/Christian music's passionate fans, with an array of interactive features including:

An online community where fans from around the world can congregate and share their thoughts and common interest relating to gospel and Christian music.

An e-commerce component that will enable fans to purchase CDs, digital music, ringtones and concert tickets via affiliate agreements with Christianbook.com, walmart.com, amazon.com and iTunes.

Industry news and editorial content including artist blogs. An RSS feed of all Gospel Music Channel blogs is available at www.gospelmusicchannel.com/blog/feed

Improved inter-linking from artist names and Web sites to shows to GMC's on-air program guide, enabling fans to easily find content and on-air information pertaining to their favorite performers.

The new Web site, which replaces GMC's previous site, also includes a major online initiative supporting GMC's new weekly original series The Kitchen Sink. A special section on the site devoted to the series will be refreshed three days before the on-air premiere of each week's show, and will be more than a click-and- watch video preview. The Kitchen Sink online will be a robust, on-demand, interactive experience that will enable fans to access specific segments of the show, and to talk about it in an online community.

Charles Humbard, Founder and President, GMC commented, "The GMC Web Site will take our on-air positioning as the focal point everything related to Gospel/Christian music, and translate it to the online world. Gospel/Christian music fans are incredibly passionate about the music and the artists that create it, and we are confident that gospelmusicchannel.com will quickly become a popular must-stop, first-stop for these loyal enthusiasts."

An array of daily specials is planned for the site's launch week from Feb. 11-15, These include: independent artists bringing their talent to light by offering free MP3s (Mon.); rare scenes and acoustic backstage performances from GMC's Atlanta studio (Tues.); trivia (Wed.); consumers being able to send a free Valentine's e-card automatically entering them for a chance to win a signed CD of Stellar Kart's new album and concert tickets (Thurs.); and never-before- seen in-depth interviews with popular artists (Fri.).

Gospel Music Channel is the nation's first and only 24/7 television network devoted to the uplifting, inspiring and diverse music that is Gospel/Christian music. GMC is one of the fastest-growing cable channels in television today; the network doubled availability in 2007 alone and is now carried in all ten of the top ten markets and 23 of the top 25.


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