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Effective Solutions for 'Marriage's #1 Problem' to be Presented

Effective Solutions for 'Marriage's #1 Problem' to be Presented

At Becoming Financial Soul Mates Money Management Seminar

...Feb. 15-16 in Springfield, VA
SPRINGFIELD, Va., Jan. 18 /Christian Newswire/ -- "24 Hours to Financial Fitness & Marital Harmony" will be the fast-paced topic for a special Becoming Financial Soul Mates(TM) conference on Friday evening and Saturday, February 15-16, at Immanuel Bible Church in Springfield, Virginia.

Led by the nationally prominent husband-and-wife team of Dr. Ron and Cathryn Jones, couples will learn "how to experience rich financial intimacy in marriage." Their multi-media interactive presentation will give "practical and biblical tools to help people efficiently and effectively get their finances in proper order." The program will benefit both people who are financially distressed and struggling in their marriages and those with a good marriage and healthy financial life. Engaged couples and single adults will also be welcome.

Addressing what the Joneses call "Marriage's #1" problem, people will learn how to:

Debt-proof their marriage 4 Break through financial barriers with their spouse
Eliminate financial stress points in their marriages 4 Create a pragmatic financial plan
Discover their financial personality 4 Avoid the five most common financial traps
Understand the "7 keys to building wealth" 4 Enjoy balanced marital intimacy

Working closely with his wife, Cathryn, Dr. Jones developed the successful money and marriage conference format (www.financialsoulmates.com). Together, they publish the newsletter Financial Soul Mates eNews.(TM) He is the author of the book Jesus, Money, and Me. Dr. Jones earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Financial Planning from Purdue University, a Master of Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry degree in Expository Preaching from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He became Immanuel's fifth senior pastor in May, 2007.

"Early Bird" on-line and mail registration for the seminar before Feb. 4 is $25 per person or $40 per couple. After Feb 4, conference fees are $35 per person or $60 per couple. Seminar hours are 7 to 9:00 pm Friday and 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Saturday. Prominently located at 6911 Braddock Road at its intersection with Backlick Road, Immanuel Bible Church is an independent evangelical church serving a dynamic, diverse and growing congregation of over 5,000 people. The church's internet website is www.immanuelbible.net/ and its telephone number is 703/941-4124.


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